Some call it capital punishment: I call it murder by state

Daily Kos, a liberal news site and blog, published a disturbing blog earlier this month about a man who was freed from death row after three decades of being on the brink of death. In the early ’80s, Henry McCollum and Leon Brown were charged with the rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl, and, not surprisingly, confessed to the crime after hours of pressure. They were found guilty and handed the death penalty, decisions that were later overturned. At a second trial, Brown was handed a life sentence, while McCollum again faced the death penalty. However, they were eventually exonerated by DNA evidence, as many others have been over the years. The defendants, whose IQs were below 70, had appealed to the Supreme Court in 1994 but were denied the request.

In May, CNN published another frightening story regarding the death penalty. In this case, the Delaware Supreme Court overturned the conviction and death sentence of 41-year-old Jermaine Wright. At the age of 18, Wright was convicted of having killed liquor store clerk Phillip Seifert in Wilmington, Delaware. Again, not surprisingly, the evidence presented against Wright was doubtful; he confessed while sleep-deprived and high on heroin. A jailhouse snitch who had a history of cooperating with prosecutors testified that Wright had confessed the crime to him (the testimony was later recanted). No fingerprints, shell casings or any other hard forensic evidence was presented. To add more doubt, four other witnesses confirmed that Wright was with them at the time of the crime, and those who witnessed the robbery could not positively identify Wright as the perpetrator. So flawed and unfair was the conviction that the Delaware Supreme Court gave Wright a new trial.

The idea that the state is powerful enough to kill and that it could accidentally kill an innocent person should be sickening enough to turn anyone and everyone against it. Just think about it: You could be stuck in prison for decades waiting to be murdered by the state, all because some prosecutor chose to win the case as opposed to serving justice. This primitive practice is still applauded by the masses. What does it take to satisfy the bloodlust of the populace? The death of three innocents in the aforementioned cases? Residents of this state who have a conscience can be proud that this state eliminated the death penalty last year, but the country as a whole has much room to improve.

Let’s keep in mind the following: The Innocence Project reports that, since 1989, 318 people have been exonerated while on death row thanks to DNA testing. How many more could be freed? How many were slaughtered who were innocent? The answer can never be known, as the dead cannot defend themselves. The absolute disrespect for the right to life shown by the justice system is unacceptable and must not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Gonzalo Molinolo is a junior history major. He can be reached at

Your help needed for canvassing!

We need your help! If you live in Delaware and can help canvass this weekend for a few hours, please contact Alex Minore, Delaware Repeal Campaign Manager either by phone 908-216-5185 or email Canvassing includes walking neighborhoods, knocking on doors, telling residents that we plan to re-introduce a death penalty repeal bill, and asking them to sign a postcard to their legislator asking their support for repeal. Some funding is available for canvassers at this time. $40 for 3 hours although volunteers are always welcome too.

Monthly DCODP Meeting Monday, September 22 at 5:30pm

Join us at our Monthly DCODP Meeting. We will discuss specific actions you can take to help repeal Delaware’s ineffective, costly, and biased death penalty. Monday 9/22/14 at 5:30 pm. LOCATION: Wilmington Friends Meeting House, 1st floor Social Room, 401 N. West St, Wilmington, DE 19801. Park in the parking lot on the 5th Street side or on the street. Ring the doorbell at the West Street entrance. Call 302-379-0488 for info. All are welcome! Invite a friend!

13th Annual Stumpy’s Marathon raises funds for DCODP, Sunday, 9/7/14.

Trail Dawgs is sponsoring the 13th annual Stumpy’s Marathon, a 26.2 mile run for pack supremacy. Join the fun and raise money for a great cause: Delaware Citizens Opposed to the Death Penalty! Sunday, September 7, 2014, 8AM, Newark, DE. To pre-register, go to Stumpy’s Marathon.

Whether you’re a Republican/Libertarian/Conservative or a Democrat/Liberal/Peace-Loving-Granola type you can learn about the death penalty and have fun.

Stumpys 2014 Death Penalty for Conservatives

Stumpys 2014 Death Penalty for Liberals


DCODP Monthly Meeting – Monday August 25, 5:30pm

Join us at our Monthly DCODP Meeting as we renew our strategy to prepare for new legislators and a new legislative session. Find out what you can do to help end Delaware’s ineffective, costly, and biased death penalty. Monday 8/25/14 at 5:30 pm. LOCATION: Wilmington Friends Meeting House, 1st floor Social Room, 401 N. West St, Wilmington, DE 19801. Park in the parking lot on the 5th Street side or on the street. Ring the doorbell at the West Street entrance. Call 302-379-0488 for info. All are welcome! Invite a friend!

You’re invited to Strategy Meetings for repealing Delaware’s death penalty

From Delaware Repeal:

The last legislative session of 2014 ended this morning. Unfortunately, SB19 to repeal the death penalty in Delaware did not pass the General Assembly to become law.

Although we are disappointed by this outcome [SB19 not passing], we are inspired by our success this year in securing our vote count and laying the groundwork for ultimate repeal victory in 2015. As a first step, we will host 2 strategy meetings this summer in Wilmington on July 8th and August 7th from 8:30am – 10:30 am on each day. As an integral part of our coalition, we welcome your input and invite you to attend at least one of these meetings.

Please click here to RSVP for our July 8th meeting and here to RSVP for our August 7th meeting!

Also, it’s festival season again! That means the Delaware Repeal Project will be setting up tables across the state to recruit even more Delawareans to join us in our efforts to repeal the death penalty.Volunteering at these festivals and events is fun and it really makes a difference. We would love to have your help. To learn more about it and discuss the possibilities, please contact me at or at 302-729-3196.

Volunteer at Summer Festivals to help end Delaware’s death penalty

Summer Festivals

The DE Repeal Team will be tabling at festivals around Delaware this summer.
We are looking for volunteers to help us out! Email if you are able to attend.

African American Festival

Saturday, June 28th
Dover, DE

Nanticoke River Festival

Friday and Saturday, July 11th and 12th
Seaford, DE

Delaware City Day

Saturday, July 19th
Delaware City, DE

People’s Festival 4 Peace Tribute to Bob Marley

Saturday, July 26th
Riverfront, Wilmington, DE

Wyoming Peach Festival

Saturday, August 2nd
Wyoming, DE

Eastern Shore AFRAM Fest

Friday and Saturday, August 8th and 9th,
Seaford, DE

 August Quarterly Festival

Saturday and Sunday, August 30th and 31st
Wilmington, DE

Brandywine Arts Festival

Saturday and Sunday, September 6th and 7th
Wilmington, DE

Newark Community Day

Sunday, September 21st
Newark, DE