Our Board of Directors


Molly Keogh, President
Kristin Froehlich, Vice President
Mary Starkweather-White, Secretary
Sally Milbury-Steen, Treasurer

Barbara L. Lewis, Anne Coleman, Kristin Froehlich, and Sandy Jones, Because Love Allows Compassion Liaisons

Board Members

Brian Boyle
David Chandler
Anne Coleman
Stewart Dotts
Tom Eleuterio
Kristin Froehlich
Rev. Bruce Gillette
Sandy Jones
Molly Keogh
Richard Kiger
Horace Knight, Jr.
Connie Kreshtool
Barbara L. Lewis
Rachel Livingston
Bonnie Marshall
Dorothy Medeiros
Sally Milbury-Steen
Kevin O’Connell
Rev. Tom Pasmore
Rev. Dr. William Rhines
Bill Shafarman
Mary Starkweather-White