Catholic Diocese of Wilmington promotes death penalty repeal bill

In a recent letter to Members of the Delaware Legislature, Bishop Francis Malooly urged the passage of a bill to repeal the death penalty in the State. The letter stated, “Many crimes are so heinous they seem to cry out for the ultimate punishment of death. However, life, every life, is a gift from God, and God alone is ‘the master of both life and death.’” The Bishop added, “The belief that life is precious, every life, and that life is an inalienable right is something that must be encouraged, especially by the State.”

Check out Bishop Malooly’s letter to legislators, coverage about the issue in The Dialog, and statements by Pope Francis opposing the death penalty. Find links at Catholic Diocese of Wilmington. Also on the website, you can use the Delaware Catholic Advocacy Network link to send an email to your state representatives.

3 thoughts on “Catholic Diocese of Wilmington promotes death penalty repeal bill

  1. The United Methodist Church stands firmly behind this bill as well, as capital punishment is condemned in its 2012 Book of Discipline.

  2. I would appreciate a live link I can forward to people. The Pope has made such a huge difference. Do you have a live link for something recent?
    Thank you for all you do,

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