SB 40 passes Senate 11-9!

So I’m sitting in my office wondering what’s happening with SB 40 to repeal Delaware’s death penalty. I can’t be in Dover because of work commitments. I have a break in my schedule about 3:30 so I quickly tune into the live audio on the general assembly website. Senator Dave McBride is testifying about why he changed from opposing to supporting repeal. Then the final vote. SB 40 passes 11-9!! I’m so excited, my hands are shaking as I’m trying to text to find out more details. Thank you to Senator Karen Peterson, who has shepherded this bill with dignity, common sense, and determination. Thank you to all those legislators who studied the issue carefully. Thank you to those members of Delaware Repeal Project and DCODP who have worked so hard and continue to support the cause. Thank you to all those citizens who contacted their legislators and continue to educate about this issue. We still have to pass the House, but this victory feels great!

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