SB 40 held up in Committee – still needs one signature

Democracy lost on Wednesday when six House Judiciary Committee members refused to sign SB 40 out of committee, thereby preventing a vote by all Representatives in the state. Thank you to Rep. Sean Lynn for his courageous sponsorship. Thank you to Reps Smith, Potter, Johnson, and Brady for their support. Please continue to write Reps Spiegelman, Paradee, Smyk, Mitchell, Wilson, and Outten urging them to sign SB40 out of committee. Thank you to all the organizers and all those who testified. Many wise and heartfelt words were shared.

According to DE Repeal representative Rachel Livingston, “One Legislative Hall veteran said it was probably the best testimony ever presented to a committee in his 35+ years. Our voices were heard!”

We will be in touch next week about what more you can do to help. It’s not over!
For now:
• Check out all the great pictures on the Delaware Repeal Facebook page.
• Continue liking and sharing DE Repeal posts and pictures on Facebook and Twitter.
• Write letters to the editor to your local newspaper to express your disappointment with the outcome of the House Judiciary Committee Hearing for SB 40.
• Encourage friends to “Like” the Delaware Citizens Opposed to the Death Penalty and DE Repeal Facebook pages.

In the meantime, never fear, Nevada has successfully passed its repeal bill in two out of three debates. The third debate is expected this coming week. Although the Governor is expected to veto, the majority so far is great enough to override a veto. Such good work from our Conservative neighbors to the West!

Thank you for your continued support!

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